Big Words Matter

We read to our kids because it’s fun and educational.  Reading is a parental privilege and responsibility.  Establishing and maintaining routines and finding the best books take purposeful work.  It’s work that pays off.

Vocabulary is the best indicator of future academic success.  To build strong vocabularies, kids must have exposure to many and varied words.  Toddlers learn 10 words a day, and school-aged children learn 5+ words a day, if they’re getting the input they need.

Books are filled with words we don’t use in daily conversation.   Reading aloud allows us to fill our kids’ ears with novel vocabulary, nourishing their growing brains.

“Jen Recommends” is a list of speech-language pathologist reviewed and recommended picture books.  These are the best of the best.  Jen reviews thousands of picture books in search of the precious few that check all important the boxes.  To be recommended, a book must:

◊ engage listeners AND read-alouders

◊ expose kids to novel settings, ideas, or viewpoints

◊ contain BIG WORDS!


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